Conduct a poll / vote by text in your text campaign

Capture votes and poll results! With Textiful, you can create a poll and capture the results when audience members answer your question. 

To capture votes:

1. Click Add Data Capture Message.

2. Select Text to Vote/Polling

3. Enter the name of your poll. This will be used to identify the poll & the related data captured. 

4. Customize your poll question.

5. Edit the available options.

  • Click Add Choice to add additional options. 
  • Click the Send Results toggle to send the results to audience members.
  • If the Send Results option is enabled, you can also include a publicly available polling page that will display updated results.

6. Select when to send your follow-up message and customize your text.

7. Click Update & Save. A summary of the poll question & options will be added to your campaign.

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