Sending a broadcast message

Broadcast messages allow you to send a message to all or several of your contacts, at once. Keep your audience up to date on upcoming events, new products, VIP discounts and so much more. Recipients can reply back individually and can’t see each other. With Textiful, you can customize your text, add an image, schedule your message to be sent at a later time and more.

Sending a Broadcast Message:

1. Click Broadcast Message in the left menu

At the top of your Send a Text Message Broadcast page, you can see the phone number the message is being sent from. Messages are sent from a dedicated toll-free number assigned to your account or you can text enable an existing landline number. Learn More about choosing your texting number.

2. Click the Message field to start typing your message.

  • Click Insert Personalization to add a personal touch to your message. With Textiful, you can capture customer data such as first and last name and you can insert that information to personalize your text. Learn more about using Merge Tags.

  • Click Insert Short URL to copy and paste a link and change it into a short URL you can send. If you want to send a link to a product, for example, which can be very long, it’s best to shorten the URL in order to minimize the amount of characters used in your message. 

We recommend using our URL shortening service to avoid phone carriers flagging your message as SPAM and not delivering it to your audience.

3. Click Add Image to upload an image to your text and see a preview of it. 

  • Click Browse to choose an image to upload. 

4. Click the Recipients fields to select the texting list that will receive the message. 

5. If you would like to only send your message to a subset your list, click Send to a Segment and Add Condition to apply different filters.

Once you’ve added recipients to your message, a summary of your broadcast message will be displayed and include:

5. Click Send Message Now to send the message immediately or click Send Message Later to schedule a time to send your message. Learn more about scheduling your broadcast message.

6. (Optional) Click Send a Test and add your phone number to send yourself a test message and ensure it looks good on your mobile device before sending it out to your subscribers.

7. Click Send Text Message once you’re done. (If you’ve decided to send your broadcast message at a later time, the button will read Schedule Text Message.)

8. Your message summary will pop-up. Click Send Text Message again to confirm.

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