Managing your keywords & campaigns

Your Keywords Campaigns page gives you an overview of all of your keywords, including:

  • Active Keywords & Campaigns
  • Campaigns without Keywords
  • Deactivated Keywords 

Active Keywords & Campaigns

From here, you can see your active keywords and campaigns.

  • Click Create Keyword to create a new keyword.
  • Click Create Campaign to start creating a new campaign.
  • Click Edit Messaging to edit your campaign.
  • Click Deactivate Keyword to delete a keyword.

Campaigns without Keywords

From here, you can find the campaigns you've created that do not have a keyword linked to it. 

  • Click Edit Campaign to add a new keyword. 
  • Click Delete Campaign.

Deactivated Keywords

These are you deactivated keywords. You can reactivate a keyword within 3 days of deactivating it.

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