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Textiful integrates with ConvertKit and allows you to sync collected email addresses and other information to the ConvertKit form and sequence of your choice.

Step 1: Authorize the ConvertKit Integration

First you will need to authorize Textiful to integration with ConvertKit. Click the "Integrations" tab. Find the ConvertKit section and enter your ConvertKit Api Key with the below instructions.

  1. Login to your ConvertKit account
  2. Click 'Account' in the main navigation
  3. Copy the 'API Key' under the 'Account Settings' section
  4. Paste your API Key in the 'ConvertKit API Key' field in Textiful
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Step 2: Enable the ConvertKit Sync

Once Textiful is authorized, you'll need to enable and customize how email addresses are synced to ConvertKit.

On the keyword details page in Step 3, check the "Sync collected email addresses to my email list" box. Below that check the Sync Emails to ConvertKit box. 
If you do not see the ConvertKit checkbox, click the "Add more email integration options" link to go to the Integrations page and follow the instructions in Step 1 above.
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Step 3: Customize the ConvertKit Sync

Click the "ConvertKit" tab in the left hand navigation to view all of the ConvertKit Sync options.
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Bypass the Double Opt-In Email

[IMPORTANT] When a new member joins your keyword, they will be sent an email by ConvertKit to confirm their subscription. They will not be added to your Form or your Sequences until they confirm their enrollment through that email.

It is highly recommended you bypass this double opt-in process using the following steps. This will enroll new email addresses that are synced by Textiful immediately into your forms and/or sequences.

  1. Login to your ConvertKit account
  2. Click 'Forms' in the main navigation
  3. Select the Form you wish to edit
  4. Click 'Settings'
  5. Click 'Incentive Email' Tab
  6. At the bottom of the page, check the 'Auto-confirm new members' and click 'Save'

Choose Data to Sync

By default, Textiful will sync just the email address to ConvertKit. You can chose to have additional data to sync to the ConvertKit subscriber by clicking the "Add Data Field To Sync" link. Select a Textiful data field that you want to sync to the selected ConvertKit merge tag.

Select a ConvertKit Form

From the dropdown, select the ConvertKit form that you would like all collected email addresses to be added to. 

Select ConvertKit Sequences

You can also select one or more sequences to enroll the user into. Just check the box next to the appropriate sequence and they will automatically be enrolled.